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The draft comment below is fully customizable. You may add to the comment wherever you choose, delete portions or even all of the comment and write a comment entirely on your own. Or you can simply and easily choose to submit the comment as drafted. The choice is yours.

Your personal comments will make this letter more valuable. Type a few sentences on your own to personalize your communication – perhaps tell who you are, who you work for, and/or why this issue is so important to you.

If you would like to view a different comment draft (there are several), you may do so by refreshing your browser or by pressing your F5 key while on this page.

Google Chrome/Older Browser Users: Some google chrome users, as well as users of older versions of IE and Firefox, have experienced a caching issue where using the (modify letter) button on the preview page results in completely clearing the letter. It is highly suggested that you use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer for this form. If you do use Google Chrome or an older browser version, it is suggested that you copy your letter text prior to previewing it.

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