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  • The Aquifer Pump Tests are a critical step toward mining copper from the Project’s copper deposit.  Information is needed for a feasibility study and for a mine operating permit application.  The tests will provide important information for future anticipated underground mining operations. 
  • The proposed aquifer tests would be conducted for sufficiently short durations and involve low volumes of extracted groundwater such that stream flows would not be impacted, while providing data to assess what effects long term dewatering during operations might have on flows.
  • The MDEQ has proposed a modification to Tintina’s Pump Test Proposal in order to address potential heavy rainfalls during the testing.  The modification states that “In the event that prolonged rainfall during the pumping tests precludes discharge to the LAD area at agronomic rates for a period longer than the water can be contained in the holding pond, Tintina would either temporarily store excess water in tanks or interrupt the pumping test. “
  • No impacts to surface water would result from the irrigation of water extracted from wells during the aquifer tests, as the water would be discharged in the land application area at less than the rate of agronomic uptake, which would prevent runoff or discharge to surface water. Water application would be at or less than 90% of the normal year net irrigations requirement.
  • In its Expanded Check List Environmental Assessment, the Montana DEQ predicts no significant environmental impacts associated with these pump tests.  No water quality or water quantity impacts are foreseen.  There are no air quality concerns, species concerns, or habitat concerns.

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