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Tintina Montana, wholly owned by Sandfire Resources America, Inc., is requesting a permit to conduct mining operations on their Black Butte Copper property located approximately 17 miles north of the community of White Sulphur Springs in central Montana.

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has jurisdiction to approve and regulate the Black Butte Copper Project.

The Black Butte Copper property consists of approximately 12,800 acres of both long-term mining leases on private ranch lands and 100%-owned federal mining claims.  The property has maintained gravel road access and is within two miles of an all-weather highway. The property is also near a high-voltage power line and is 50 miles from rail service.
Tintina Montana has been conducting exploration since September 2010 as permitted and bonded by the MDEQ.  Currently,

Tintina Montana has 21 employees, several contractors and many businesses working on the proposed project.  The company has spent over $60 million in exploration, environmental analysis and planning and plans to spend another $300 million to bring the project into production.  When the mine opens, 240 full-time employees and up to 50 full-time contractors will provide a significant and badly needed economic foundation for Meagher County.  Current and future local hires will remain critical in helping ensure a stable work force and supporting the local economy.

The Issue

The DEQ has completed a multi-year rigorous review of the project proposal and is seeking public comment on the mine proposal.

The Environmental Impact Statement is available on the MDEQ website at (this will open a new window/tab). 

The complete document is also available for your review on this web site.  Please click on the link below to view the document.

The MDEQ has offered an alternative that would:  xxxxxxx.

Tintina Montana (supports/opposes) this modified alternative.




The Montana Department of Environmental Quality accepted public comment on the Black Butte Copper Project EIS until July 21, 2014.

Comment Period - Ends XXst!

Time Left to Comment:

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